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Developing Software

We are experienced in developing custom software solutions for diverse platforms, some of them being Windows, Mac and mobile devices. We also develop virtually accessible “Cloud” based solutions. We take a pride in making competent, fast, durable and cost effective results. The applications we structure are impulsive and user friendly.

Installation and Distribution

6eye generates simple and easy to set up installation packages. We provide automatic updates for most of our installation system so that the new software versions and others related updates are done easily without requiring any user interaction. The updates for the cloud based applications are instantly available to all just when they are implemented and needs no special installation.

Analyzing the systems

We analyze the complete picture of your company’s overall objective and specific
application related requirements through close communication with clients, from management through administration to end consumer. Our development team has accordingly designed a solution that is best suited to the business goals, organizational needs, and user practices.

Incorporation of Accounting System

6eye has huge experience in incorporating solutions with different accounting programs.This would help the clients save quality time and avoid errors while importing data to your accounting system and generating reports. Requirements related to linking different accounting packages like Myob, Quickbooks or Xero to any business application or website of the client plus need of any extra financial reports are all taken care of by 6eye.

Transferring Data

Transferring data and information securely and conveniently through the application of any data management system is considered to be a delicate and tricky task. We at 6eye have full expertise to check and manage corrupted records, data discrepancy, and breach in information preventing the malfunctioning of the systems.

Consumer Training

Though we put our utmost to ensure that the interfaces we use or develop are automated,up to the mark and follow standard practices in functionality, but sometimes new advanced systems operation needs particular training and understanding of the products. This is taken care of by our educated and friendly team of trainers to help the clients learn the operations and applications easily.