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Adversity Recovery

What would be your step, when your business faces a disaster or threat? How will you overcome the challenges? All these worries can be easily taken care of with 6eye’s adversity recovery services. We help your business construct a robust yet flexible setup which would meet all your business necessities with ample peace of mind and success ahead.

Susceptibility assessment and Infiltration Testing

To identify susceptibilities existing on your network and giving you the most effective security option, 6eye can provide strong assessment and infiltration testing services. You can choose from the variety of customizable services available to us which can match your company’s infrastructure, distinctive properties and budget requirements.

Managing Business Stability

6eye provide assistance in identifying risks, deciding the form of action to be rendered and managing the effects and consequences for your business. This is all about structuring plans and programs for all those highly problematic business activities and services to provide security or propose substitute methods of operation.

Risk Management

Risk management is extremely important as risk is such a feature that neither can be eliminated nor accepted wholly. Every business should understand the prospects and risks and manage them tactfully. It’s evident that increasing risk factors increases the potentiality of success. So consulting 6eye would help the organization achieve triumph and get benefited by managing risks pertinently.

Tactical Planning

IT strategies are developed through our tactical planning services with the help of proper professional consultation in order to meet business objectives. 6eye consultancy solutions provide ideas for businesses for aspects like minimizing total company cost and bringing perceptible investment returns over expenses related to IT.

Security of Records and Data

As business data and records are the most volatile treasure of a company, it’s extremely important to safeguard it well. The loss, damage or misuse of such information could be dangerous and even can lead to shut down. Here is where the role of 6eye comes in, with varied security provisions like periodic audits, hazard evaluation and risk management programs.